Computational biology

The computational biology project will study integrated ‘omic, biological, and clinical data to understand what potential there is to improve how patients are cared for in the health system. This will lead to better ways of caring for and treating sick children, and their families.

The analytical approaches developed and applied in this program will be essential to the efficient, effective and equitable delivery of precision medicine to the clinic.  As well as improving diagnostic turnarounds, predictive methods for screening, disease predisposition and drug matching will also be developed, as will a platform to build and upskill workforce capacity to use and implement the tools available. 

There will be a strong focus on building secure data infrastructure to facilitate data sharing and analysis on some of the world's rarest diseases, accelerating new therapies, prevention programs and early diagnostic opportunities into the clinic.

Head, Computational Biology Group, Children's Cancer Institute

Project lead
A/Prof Mark Cowley
Mark Cowley_edited.jpg

Personalised Medicine Program Leader, Children's Cancer Institute, Zero Childhood Cancer

Project lead
Ms Vanessa Tyrrell

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