Health economics and health service implementation

This project seeks to measure the benefits of precision medicine for families and the health care system, and to ensure that precision medicine is sustainably embedded in the health system as a new model of care.  Long term impact and outcome analyses, including health economics, health implementation, and psychosocial studies will inform and be critical to scaling precision medicine across a wider range of health care problems and across the health system more broadly.

Supported by the already established Zero Childhood Cancer flagship, this research will inform sustainable funding models for precision medicine, develop a roadmap for its implementation and establish an evaluation framework that will provide a structure to monitor and improve the use of precision medicine in child healthcare over time. 


It will also provide a better understanding of what is needed to bridge the gap between research and clinical care, guide improved clinical management strategies and appropriately skilled resources to underpin precision medicine in the health system. 

Tracey OBrien.png

Director, Kids Cancer Centre, Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

Project lead
A/Prof Tracey O'Brien

Personalised Medicine Program Leader, Children's Cancer Institute, Zero Childhood Cancer

Project lead
Ms Vanessa Tyrrell

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